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Strong foundations are the key to confidence building in any academic discipline. We teach your child everything they need to succeed today, tomorrow and in the future.

Pretests, 11+, Common Entrance & Scholarship Preparation

With ever-increasing competition for places at leading schools, preparation for entrance tests is a key means of support. Individual tuition allows pupils’ knowledge and understanding to be extended and challenged far more than is possible in a classroom setting, providing a supportive environment in which learning can progress quickly.

Capstone Education is ideally placed to support pupils who aspire to achieve entry at the UK’s leading schools. Carefully-tailored tuition helps to ensure that pupils perform at their best in entrance examinations.

Depending on the school, a combination of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning may be required at 10/11+.

For 13+/Common Entrance, all subjects are catered for, including those needed for scholarship entry.

Our students have been successful at gaining entry to the following schools:​

GCSE Tuition

We stand ready to support your child in a wide range of subject areas, from Maths to Ancient Greek. Every Capstone tutor is vetted, professional and has been hand-picked for their inspirational character, motivational teaching ability and confidence-building skills. This is especially important at GCSE, with students often studying compulsory subjects that they find hard and unappealing.

Our tutors encourage a mature outlook alongside consistency, traits that give your child the best chance of achieving a great set of GCSE grades.

Here is a list of subjects we offer:

A-Level Tuition & University Entrance

Sixth Form can be an intense couple of years. Put simply, the work is harder than at GCSE and there is more of it. Add on the university applications process and you have a situation that has the potential to feel overwhelming.

At Capstone, we recognise that this is a crucial time in students’ lives through young adulthood, but that it should also be enjoyable. Our specialist tutors are able to guide and support your son or daughter with a bespoke academic mentoring programme to boost their chances of success.

We also have a decade’s worth of experience in assisting with admissions to Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities. Our services in this area include personal statement advice and preparation for admissions tests such as MAT, STEP, UCAT and NSAT.

We are immensely proud of our students, who have won places at the following universities: