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Rumel is one of these rare breeds of teachers who manage to totally inspire his pupils to want to learn. He has the ability to get his pupils to think for themselves and to realise that learning can be fun. Rumel taught my daughter Maths to help her get into her chosen senior school. I can’t praise Rumel highly enough in terms of what he did for my daughter. He gave her the confidence to believe in herself with regards to how she would approach the various topics in Maths. He also filled in the gaps in her knowledge. Rumel is without doubt the best investment I could have made to my daughter’s education. She flew through the entrance exams and was awarded an academic scholarship to her first choice, Sherborne School for Girls, which she started recently. I would happily recommend Rumel to anyone who is serious about their child’s education.
Mother of 11+ student
My son couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. Rumel’s approach to teaching has been so effective: my son achieved a 9 in maths, A in physics, A in chemistry and A in biology! So we are continuing with A level tuition. Rumel has helped my son’s confidence soar. My son says Rumel explains topics clearly and makes sure he thoroughly understands them. I’m impressed at the range of questions Rumel asks my son to work through. I have recommended him to everyone I know and I will continue to do so!!
Mother of GCSE student
Rumel is a very good tutor with an incredible in-depth knowledge of physics and maths, which makes him an excellent teacher. Almost all of my lessons were done via Zoom yet I still benefitted greatly from not only his teaching, but his advice on work ethic and revision. Without him, I wouldn't be in the position I am now, about to study a course at university that I'm passionate about. He is worth every penny!
A-Level student
Rumel has provided a bespoke, tailored service to my son and given him confidence, belief, purpose and understanding. He has also taught my son how to study and revise effectively. The outcome has been fascinating, as Rumel's approach, within 12 months, has created a teenager who began with fragility and disinterest in learning yet grew into a confident young man with a thirst for knowledge, attaining grade 9 and 8 in Maths and all three Sciences. My son has been shown that with hard work he can achieve and that success leads to opportunities. Rumel is truly a gifted teacher and mentor.
Mother of GCSE student
Since receiving help from Rumel, Martin has attained A* grades in his Maths and three Sciences at IGCSE. In the past, Martin found it difficult to focus in class and had not always achieved his best. However, one-to-one mentoring with Rumel built his confidence up and together they worked through all the missing and weak areas. Rumel’s approach encouraged Martin to be engaged and interested in what he was learning. As a result of our son’s vast improvement, I have happily recommended Rumel to a number of my friends and will continue to do so.
Mother of GCSE student
Rumel was excellent and I would highly recommend him. My son learnt so much from Rumel. Not only was he great as a Maths and Physics tutor, but he also provided invaluable advice on university courses and exam technique as well as being a superb motivator.
Mother of A-Level student
Rumel is a patient and personable tutor who puts his students at ease. Asim was slightly apprehensive about being tutored, but within days was enjoying his lessons and felt a lot more confident with some challenging topics. After only six months, Asim passed his 10+ entrance exam to Whitgift. An excellent and credible tutor, I would strongly recommend him.
Mother of 10+ student
Rumel tutored Maths to both my sons who achieved A* grades at both GCSE and A-Level as a result of some inspired teaching. My daughter was also mentored by Rumel and subsequently moved up to a higher set at her school for the following academic year. I would highly recommend Rumel as an outstanding academic coach.
Mother of GCSE & A-Level students
Rumel mentored both my son and daughter for four years, enabling my son to pass his undergraduate calculus exams and ultimately his degree in Economics. My daughter struggled with Mathematics previously, but is now very confident having achieved an A* at GCSE and A grade at A-Level. Rumel is patient, well-spoken and a fabulous motivator. I highly recommend him.
Mother of GCSE, A-Level & Undergraduate students
Since having tuition from Rumel, Catherine is achieving much higher marks and has begun to enjoy Mathematics again. Rumel’s explanations are clear and concise and she appreciates his extensive knowledge, which enables him to efficiently interpret errors and correct any gaps in her understanding. I would highly recommend Rumel to other parents who need the support of an able educator.
Mother of A-Level student
Lacking confidence and getting low predicted grades, I found Rumel and he helped with all the problems I was having in Maths (specifically Mechanics), and boosted my confidence in Physics. In all, I achieved 3 A’s and a place at the University of Durham. Rumel was very welcoming and easy to learn from and I would strongly recommend his services.
A-Level student
With Rumel’s untiring assistance and expert guidance, we were able to shortlist a number of outstanding schools for our son. He also helped to provide the necessary tutoring which ultimately enabled entry to Westminster. A “super” tutor in the truest sense.
Mother of 13+ student
We just heard the brilliant news that Alexander got into Dulwich College. Can’t thank you enough!
Father of 11+ student
I have used Rumel to supplement and in some cases cover complete topics for GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics. His teaching is always on point, lessons are on time and he answers any queries/questions that I have within a day. Would highly recommend one to one lessons with him.
Mother of GCSE student
Professional, punctual, reliable, knowledgeable, friendly and extremely flexible to my daughter’s academic needs...what more can be said except we are very pleased indeed! 🙂
Mother of A-Level student
Simply amazing! In the space of a few short months, Rumel has completely transformed my son’s academic fortunes, helping him to gain offers from some great universities, UCL and Warwick amongst them.
Mother of A-Level student
Rumel is a superb tutor and has really helped Nick to understand aspects of the syllabus he was finding challenging. His confidence has certainly been raised. Not only this, but he likes attending tutorial sessions and is always positive afterwards. Thank you, Rumel!
Mother of A-Level student
My daughter asked me to find her a Physics tutor last June when she was in year 10 as she was struggling to learn that subject remotely. I was recommended to Rumel by another Mum at the school. My daughter's confidence in the subject grew so much that in October of year 11 when she did the Mock exams she obtained an 8! We continued with the sessions until she took her Assessments at the beginning of May. She felt confident and happy with her subject knowledge going into the exams and we are hoping for some great results in August. I strongly recommend Rumel and this company for their professionalism. The online lessons work brilliantly. He has a very kind manner with his teaching so my daughter didn't feel under pressure at all if she got things wrong. On the few occasions that I needed to change my day he was very flexible. I would definitely contact him again if our younger daughter needs a bit of extra help when the time comes.
Mother of GCSE student
Rumel has been great with my son. He is a great communicator and is excellent in his teaching method where he goes into details in explaining a particular topic. Though it’s only a month since we started, I can see a vast improvement already.
Mother of GCSE student
Rumel has been an amazing mentor for both Rohan and Reiss. From helping them with exam techniques to gaining confidence! The boys have really excelled with the guidance and support from Rumel over the years.
Mother of GCSE students
Kept Sophie on top of her work and covered all aspects of the course fairly quickly and in depth and gave Sophie a lot of practice questions and papers which prepared Sophie well for her school exams and made her feel organized and ready for her final exams Would highly recommend!!!
Mother of A-Level student
I have all confidence in Rumel. He has motivated my child to achieve his full potential. I really respect his expertise, support and guidance.
Mother of A-Level student
Excellent teacher. Always very concerned about my son’s progress at GCSE and later on his A- Level exams. I couldn’t think of a better teacher for my son. Cannot thank you enough. Thank you Rumel!!!
Mother of GCSE & A-Level student
I have full confidence in the ability of Rumel to bring out the best in my children.
Father of GCSE students