Recommended Reading

GCSE Maths Books

I love these textbooks because they contain so many different questions. Repetition is THE best path to excellence when it comes to the GCSE. Please ignore references to any particular exam board – the Maths won’t change if your syllabus is AQA, Edexcel etc.

A-Level Maths

As an A-Level Mathematician, you MUST avoid the common pitfall of relying only on the textbook prescribed by your particular exam board. Branch out and try some of these. The idea is to do as many questions as you can get your hands on from as wide a variety of resources as possible. Doing so will encourage you to appreciate and explore the interconnectedness of mathematical ideas, something that is crucial to performing at your best in the new, linear Maths A-Level.

A-Level Physics

Physics is ultimately an exercise in problem-solving. You can only get better at problem-solving by…you guessed it! Solving problems! Similarly to Maths, reach out beyond the confines of your exam board’s textbook. Some of these titles might be a little difficult to get hold of, and some topics might not be relevant to your syllabus, but take what you need from these excellent resources and you’ll be extremely well-prepared for whatever the examiners have to throw at you.

Popular Science for aspiring university STEM students

These are ideal if you’re looking to read around your subject. My own background is in Physics, hence the apparent bias throughout this selection!